“Goin out for some Self-love really quick, Brb: 4 Ways to love on yoSELF”

“Love yourself” “Know your worth”

I can’t even tell you how many times those words have been said to me. I don’t know if people just think this stuff is sold in stores on the bottom shelf for $0.99 or what but I’m here to tell you, that is NOT the case! Self love/worth is to be ACQUIRED AND PRACTICED.

Loving yourself is definitely something that SHOULD be cultivated during your younger years but let’s be real. It’s much easier to love yourself when all you have to do is make it to third period on time vs counting the days after a missed period when you know good and well you should’ve never even spent the night at ole boy’s house. Now you up in here waiting to see if it’s gonna be one pink line or two, giving yourself the good ole pep talk saying  you’re gonna do better and value yourself from here on out but…. spongebob

Ya’ll already KNOW what time it is when you see those 3 bubbles appear. Moving on!

Everything you do flows from your relationship with yourself which ultimately impacts the way you interact and view the world around you. So let’s jump into 5 things that will help you to love on yourself:


    Again with the typical cliche phrases but how are you going to love what you don’t know? The quicker you identify and embrace everything that is you, the clearer things become. “Well what does exploring yourself look like Lo?” I’m glad you asked fam! Here are a couple of things that helped me realize I was poppin in these streets.


    Get in shape

    – looking good is feeling good so get to a size that YOU are comfortable with and be great. Walk around your house in your birthday suit and just get comfortable with you!

        Get your finances in order.

– There’s nothing worse than having the urge to get up and go… with no money to   go or an emergency rollin up on you..with no emergency money. Check out The Financial Diet on Youtube so they can drop some gems on financial literacy and how to make your money work for you in your life.

          Find your Swag 

Your wardrobe is essential to your swag so build it up! There’s a couple ways to do this. You can try Style Fruit where they let you customize your outfits on the site to see how you can mix and match pieces.

Ball on a budget! Subscribe to your favorite stores e-mail lists so you can be notified when there’s huge sales and just go IN! If you can’t buy in huge amounts, just focus on tops, bottoms, accessories, etc. for each shopping spree.

Detox your life.

Periodically take time to reflect on yourself and assess your life.

  • Are you harboring emotions from a situation you’re not dealing with?
  • Are you less than happy with a relationship in your life?
  • Holding onto bad habits? Get rid of em!
  • Pinterest has a lot of journal prompts that will get your mind going in the right direction and ask the questions that you really need to ask. If you REALLY need a hard reset, consider centering your chakras. Get into it!


 Submerge yourself in you!

  • Explore and  experiment with your body. Get that drawer in the nightstand by your bed POPPIN! I KNOW you know somebody that throws Pure Romance parties. If not…Pure Romance….thank me later.
  • Know what turns you on. know your limits.
  • Get up in some lingerie for yourself sometimes. Be so comfortable with yourself that nobody else can make you uncomfortable. It may seem silly but sexual confidence is life and a definite way to have you feelin yourself.

 2. Be unapologetic and intentional

Pay attention to the things that rub your energy the wrong way and don’t brush it off just because “people might think you’re trippin”.  You are not for everybody and everybody is not for you. When you realize that, you’re quicker to say “moving on” vs “was it something that I did? As long as you’re living in your truth the right kind of people for YOU will always gravitate towards you honey! Be confident in that and everything else will start falling into place like so:

Be intentional = Find that guy’s social media that you been choosin on

Be unapologetic= add him and like as many pics as you want sis. what he gonna do?                     Nothing! Get 72 weeks deep on em. I believe in you!

3. Set Goals & Accomplish Them

There’s a certain level of confidence that comes from knowing you set your mind on something and you just went out, worked hard, and snatched it right on up. If you are looking for mini boosts to hold you over until you reach the end goal, set monthly goals first with your long term goal in mind. Like anything else, SOME progress produces MORE progress. Don’t stop there though! If you’ve reached an ultimate point, create a new set of goals and think bigger! You’ll be surprised at how many things will pop out at you simply because you never took the time to think about what more you could POSSIBLY do.


Good news:  You’ve fallen in love with yourself.

Bad news: People are still going to try your life and the love that you proclaim to have for yourself will be put to test OFTEN! Are you going to tolerate disrespect? Negativity? no? WELL THEN..

EVEN BETTER NEWS; Not only can you be out here living your best life but you don’t have to worry about compromising the foundation you’ve set for yourself.

Let’s be clear, as you elevate in life things will come at you even harder and it will probably be disguised as something that could potentially benefit you. This is when you trust yourself and use your discernment and continue to choose yourself.

Thank you for reading! Hopefully some of the links I provided were helpful.





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