SOS! I’M IN MY 20’S! What I wish I knew then

*cues SZA’s 20 something*

If I could describe my early 20’s it would be a horror film with upbeat music in the background; mainly because through all the crap i’ve been through i’ve managed to ALWAYS stay with a bottle of wine and at least one friend that could get me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There’s so many directions your life can go and your 20’s is the time to take every path unapologetically. There were so many horrible decisions made in my early 20’s that I could just go back and run myself over with a truck (a heavy truck.. an 18 wheeler to be specific) when I reflect on everything but that’s what life is about; trial and error. Everybody’s path is different but these things were a definite “hell no” for me.


Hear me! Coming out into this world is NOT the time to be buying the flashiest car, keeping up with all the latest trends, and running up your credit. While my credit has been a #1 priority I always wanted the MK watches, a fresh pair of Uggs for every winter, and any car I bought HAD to have leather seats, sunroof, seat warmers, and the list goes on. Lets just put some price tags together here:
price tag MK Watch- easy $250
price tagUggs-another easy $200

That alone is a smooth $450 that can easily cover

  • A new set of tires + oil change
  • A flight to a place of your choice where you can HAVE an actual life experience instead of wearing it
  • Make a decent dent in any debt you may have incurred
  • or or OR..hear me out…JUST SAVE IT!

There’s just so many things I can think of that would make your money stretch but you live and you learn. NOW when I go to buy something that may be extravagant it’s mostly for a holiday or to reward myself for an accomplishment but i’m also debt free and my money is in check so there’s that.


You should always be looking to achieve the FBF glow but this is ESPECIALLY important in your early 20’s when you’re still trying to shape who you are in this world; Life is hard enough and codependency is NOT cute. This is not to say that you won’t fall for some FBs (they’re so good at what they do) but the key is to get away from them as quick as possible so you can focus on what’s important…YOU! This is the time for exploring what it is you really want to be about in life and I can assure you that a FB will throw you off course as far as you’ll let them so BEWARE! Here’s a couple ways to spot a FB:
-all talk, no action
-netflix and chill but no copper river grill (I was tryna rhyme..rapping isn’t my strong suit other words..he aint tryna be seen with you sis)
-available when its only convenient for him


the list goes on but you get the idea so we just gonna keep it moving


listen. if you have best friends that are supporting you, pushing you to do better, down for road trips, and never tell you that you’ve had too much Chipotle..take em with you through life. You’re going to go through many ups and down but your friends (if they’re any good) will stay down and grow with you. Your day 1’s aren’t necessarily who you’ve known the longest but more so who’s never switched up on you in the time you’ve known them. I have day 1’s that I just met last year.

kanye shrug


So on the other hand, drop anybody that isn’t for you with a quickness! Negativity and mediocrity spreads like wildfire.

  • If you share something you aspire to do but they shoot your idea down instead of coming up with steps to achieve it..DROP EM!
  • If you actually accomplish something and they always have an excuse as to why they can’t celebrate with you..DROP EM! They aint tryna see you win sis
  • If they don’t support your Chic-fil-A habit…

fuck outta here

…I mean my I honestly even have to say it? DROP EMMMM!!!

This applies to friendships, relationships, family, business partners..just ANYBODY!


I don’t care if you had to get it out the mud and you’re “self made”, ALWAYS be grateful for where you’re currently at in life, even if its a bad spot because it could always be worse. Even when you get on, there’s no room for treating anybody less than you (UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO UNLEASH YOUR PETTY SIDE AND FLEX ON A HATER).200w_dYour humbleness is what’s going to be able to help you continue to grow and never be too full of yourself to accept help from anybody. Now when you get to a place in your life that you’ve aspired to be, FLOURISH RESPONSIBLY!!

  • Still live within your means
  • Still treat people with respect
  • Keep your childish humor
  • Say hello when you see people out and about
  • ALWAYS have an open heart to helping somebody in need

These are things that I’ve found helped me be the person that I am right now at 24. Even though I have a ways to go accepting and living by these 5 things have given me a lot of peace and comfort in who I am.

I hope these keys helped you! Please leave any feedback (good or bad) below. Thanks for reading!!




2 thoughts on “SOS! I’M IN MY 20’S! What I wish I knew then

  1. Love love love this Lo Im going to send this to my little sis she just started college and is dealing with a FB back home… i see through him but of course she’s in love


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