A1 Since Day 1: Which One Are You?


Let’s talk about friends. I’m not talking about friends that only hit you up on your birthday because Facebook reminded them that you exist. I’m talking about REAL down for the cause, aint nobody bout to talk bad about you while I’m around, I’m here for you with no judgment, walk in your house and go straight in your fridge friends.

Now you’ve probably narrowed this description down to a few people which is the way it should be because honestly, less is more.

I’ve always been told you could only have one best friend but they actually lied to you because I have multiple. These are the people that you consult about serious decisions, that you let see your vulnerable side, and that you confide in when you start getting some new new on the low. These are the people that when you hit them up and say

inhale bitch

you don’t even have to say anything else in order for them to prepare themselves for the tea. THESE friends are essential to your sanity throughout life because I guarantee you can think of a time right now where your friends carried you through and you honestly don’t know how you would’ve gotten to the other side without them. There’s more than one type of day 1 though so lets talk about the ones that are absolutely necessary.

The War Ready Day 1:

This friend is key to keeping you in check and making sure you aren’t letting anybody treat you any kind of way. This friend is always down to pull up and even if YOU’RE not about that life, anybody that knows your friend doesn’t play about you knows better than to try your life without expecting smoke in the city.



The Motherly Day 1:

This friend is most likely older than you and has experienced some things in life. She’s happy to pass on life lessons but also quick to make you feel ashamed for continuing to deal with that no good guy or making poor decisions. She sees your worth and just wants the best for you. She’s important because you don’t want to disappoint her so you’re more likely to hold yourself accountable.

motherly friend

Carefree Day 1:

This friend makes you see the beauty in life. Any time you’re feeling trapped by your surroundings you can always count on this friend to lift your spirits and maybe take you to do hoodrat things with your friends. This friend is important because they always have positive energy and is always helping you see the light at the end of the tunnel.


The Not So Day 1 DAY 1:

This friend is the person you haven’t known for that long but y’all instantly click and all of your other friends are jealous. This person has come along in a different time of your life than any of your other friends and they reflect the growth in you. This friend is important because it gets you out of your normal routine and you can expect to make many new unforgettable memories.


Last but not least you’ve got the:


This friend holds the secrets to your soul and encompasses all of the previous friends combined in one. They’ve never switched up on you. You don’t leave one detail out when talking to them because you know they need to hear every shameful truth and they won’t even blink twice. This is the friend that’s been there for you through relationships, bad financial decisions, low moments in life, and nothing has ever made them stray from you. IF YOU DON’T HAVE A DAY 1 LIKE THIS, YOU BETTER GET YOU ONE!

molly and is

Which day 1 are you? What are some other day 1’s you think it’s important to have?
Thanks for reading!




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