Ok so here we are at Day 2. The question being, “What is something you have now that you could only dream of having before?’

I would have to say genuine happiness.Things that don’t have monetary value are always harder to come by in my opinion. My moods used to depend on somebody else or things that I’ve acquired so if i had noBODY or noTHING then I would just feel sad and empty.

I have since learned to just be happy with the beauty of life. Going outside and seeing the sun just gives me all types of energy and puts me in a good mood.

I would also have to say being about myself has also pushed me to a happier life. I can’t tell you how many times I made decisions that I felt would make somebody else happy even if I was unhappy; or I did something just to get certain feel good reactions.

I’ve learned to move at my own pace, make moves I can afford to make, and set goals that will make ME happy.

What is something you have now that you used to only hope to have? Thanks for reading!




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