Goal Getter

No matter what I’m doing in life, I always have goals in place. I feel like it holds me accountable to being a person of action. The way I plan my course of action is in a reverse effect. Since the end goal is usually the reward and what will hold my attention the longest, I start there.  Let’s just use a weight journey since that’s something simple and relatable. So my goal outline will look something like this:

End goal– goal weight; body snatched; clothes fit better; buy more clothes

Reward System– If I lose X amount of time by this day, I’ll allow myself some sort of guilty pleasure.

Progress expectation dates– I need to lose XX  amount of weight by this time

Monthly lists– This month I will focus on losing X out of XX pounds

Foundation steps– What will I need to change or do in order to make my goal attainable (workout regimen, clean eating, etc.)

This works for me because I can always keep the bigger picture in mind when I’m doing the not so fun stuff, like passing up on Chic-Fil-A or running a longer distance.

I was going to share my personal goals but I hate speaking about things prematurely when outcomes are still up in the air. At any rate, what is your goal process and what are you doing to make those things a reality?

Thanks for reading!






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