LO a.k.a MOMMY

Ok guys so obviously this post is geared towards my mommies; young or older, it really doesn’t matter to me. I want to address the whack idea that you have to let a piece of you die once you have kids. Don’t get me wrong, certain things do need to be left in the past but you can and SHOULD still be very much be yourself even after bringing a child or children into this world. So here are a few popular opinions that you should honestly look past.

1.It’s not about you anymore

umm..girl bye. That’s EXACTLY who its about. Don’t get me wrong. I share the spotlight with my son and I would never let anything for him fall by the wayside just to do something for myself. HOWEVER, mani, pedis, massages, and get away trips are a must for me. I literally set time aside for myself out of every day, even if it has to be while i’m at the gym or driving somewhere. The mental peace is what I need more than anything so YES honey, it is about you because how are you going to take care of your little one if you don’t take care of yourself.

2. Don’t wear that anymore

This is clearly for the people that don’t understand how hard you have to work to get your body back into shape after a baby. All this hard work, you better believe i’m flaunting it. I’m not saying to walk around putting everything on display but that high slit dress and a little cleavage is happening OK! Why should I not be allowed to feel sexy anymore? especially for my women that have a husband, i’m sure keeping that part of you alive is a necessity.

3. Don’t DO that anymore

So listen, I was 21 when i had my son and I can say now that I really didn’t know who I was back then. There were some things I had to realize as a woman and a mother that I couldn’t do anymore but watching Ratchet TV, thoroughly enjoying watching a social media fight, and going out for a turn up with my girls every once in a while isn’t one of them. I’m not a completely different person just because I have a child. I understand we’re super humans and all that but y’all GOTTA chill with all these ridiculous expectations.

4. Your kids are your priority…put everything else on hold

So that’s definitely NOT what we doing over here. I still have the same goals now that I had before I had my son. Actually that’s a lie because I’ve accomplished quite a bit since then but my point IS…DO YOU SIS! If you wanna go back to school, there’s enough online programs out here now that all you gotta do is get to it. If you want to start a business..do your research and then put yourself in position for opportunities. Ultimately, in you being the best you, it shows your kids to strive for more, be resilient, and get all that life has to offer.

So YES, you’re a mommy but you’re also YOU! Do what makes you feel good so that your kids can see proper examples of a healthy human being. You can tell your kids whatever but it’s ultimately what they SEE that stays with them.

I hope this helped moms out there be unbothered about whatever opinions are out there. What are some opinions that people have tried to force on you about being a mom? Thank you for reading!




3 thoughts on “LO a.k.a MOMMY

  1. One thing that is beyond annoying to me is the popular opinion that good moms are frumpy or not put together looking for the most part. Now don’t get me wrong, there are days when I leave the house lookin’ like a dumpster fire, and that’s cool, I am not opposed to the spit up on my yoga pants life. But for the most part I like to throw on some makeup and put on some actual clothes besides yoga pants or leggings! I don’t neglect my baby while I get ready whatsoever, you better believe she’s got matching socks, a bow or headband, and her outfit is always pristine! But I like to take a few extra minutes for myself to make it seem like maybe I’ve showered in the past few days, or maybe I’ve had a full nights sleep too? I’ve noticed an insane amount of fellow moms on social media with comments belittling or looking down on a mom that looks nice and I honestly don’t get it. If you’re “you” time isn’t putting makeup on or picking out a cute outfit that’s totally fine! I just think we as mothers need to not be so hard on each other sometimes man

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    1. Yes girl! I am here for every bit of this. If I look good when we step out, you better believe my son looks just as good. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to put effort into your appearance or just doing something for yourself. I think some people just haven’t figured out how to balance the two and are confused as to how somebody COULD without neglecting their child. That’s not our problem tho *shrugs*


      1. So true. I think it boils down to how we each choose to spend our “me” time and how comfortable we are with ourselves post baby. I will rock a mile long eyeliner wing and some bold lipstick to the grocery store, but if that’s not what someone else is comfortable with then that’s no big deal. Being a mother is hard enough in itself, ain’t nobody around here has the time to judge other moms


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