Protect your Energy

I used to be so annoyed by people talking about aura and energy. I felt like it was just a new wave people were on but as I’ve gotten older it really is something to be cognizant of.

Energy can transfer in so many ways and if you’re not careful, you can find yourself picking up on bad vibes and negativity.

One way i’m protective of my energy is monitoring who I allow to come inside my home. I know that sounds extreme but my home is my palace and the last thing I need is negativity energy manifesting in a place where nothing but love, peace, and happiness should be emanating.

Depending on who or where the negativity is coming from will determine how I react. If its from somebody I love, it might upset me because I can’t understand why anybody I allow in my circle wouldn’t be supportive of me but even with them, sometimes you just gotta let em go.

How do you deal with negativity and what are some things you do to protect your energy? Thanks for reading!




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