The “Me” Code

In life there’s going to be blessings and lessons but I thoroughly believe that even though the lessons might be painful, it’s still not considered a loss. Those lessons, if dealt with properly, bring wisdom, clarity, and peace.

Let’s say you loaned somebody some money and they never paid you back OR they gave you attitude when you may have needed the favor to be returned. It may hurt you that somebody you were close enough to break bread with would take advantage of you like that. However, the lessons from that may be adopting the attitude of giving without expecting anything in return. Maybe you should just say no altogether now. Or maybe you might even put yourself in a position to be self sufficient and never have the NEED to rely on anybody. All of these are possible solutions but the only reason you put them in place is due to a lesson learned.

For me, a value/standard that I’ve had to put in place is SAYING no, MEANING no, and not feeling bad for it. People can be selfish and will take from you for as long as you allow them to do so. However, the real test comes when you have to say no and all of a sudden there’s a problem.

If you are never able to say no to a person 10/10 they’re using you for their own selfish benefit. It doesn’t have to be money. People can use you emotionally, physically, etc and those can have you feeling just as broke as you having no money in your pocket.

This value has taught me to put myself first and not to consider what may be beneficial for somebody else over what makes me happy. It is honestly very uncomfortable for me to say no because I have a natural urge to want to be there for somebody no matter how many times they wronged me. Saying no just feels rude asf but i’m at a point now where I would just rather be rude than be running on E trying to fill up somebody else’s tank.

What are some values that you’ve had to put in place? Thanks for reading!




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