2017 Home Stretch Check In

From the moment 2017 started I knew it would be a preparation year. I didn’t expect to really accomplish anything of great magnitude but more so to lay the foundation for what’s to come.

So far I have been able to do some serious legwork but as life happens you have to make adjustments. Now as I look forward to 2018, although there will be some definite accomplishments, it will be another preparation year. In all actuality, the next 2-3 years will be me setting myself up for something great but I will definitely be enjoying the accomplishments I make on the way.

Sometimes your head is so far in the future that its hard to enjoy the now but if you don’t visit your present often, you’ll look up and not even remember what these great moments felt like. Just make sure as you’re moving along, you take time to appreciate what’s going on around you because no two moments are the same and even if you accomplished something twice, you’ll never be in the same space that you are now.

Let me know how your goals are going! Thanks for reading!




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