Timely Accomplishments

A social concept I’ve had to really just roll my eyes at is that you should wait until you’re married to accomplish things of great financial magnitude or a certain age to achieve certain things.

Hear me. If you can manage to buy a house before you get married, DO THAT! Don’t be out here waiting for somebody to do something with you that you can do by yourself! That makes absolutely no sense to me.

This is mostly something I see among women and I just feel like it has to do with our upbringing in society. Women are groomed to think being married is the ultimate prize and we spend our whole lives putting extra emphasis on learning how to cook, making a house into a home, and keeping up our appearance…for men.

What man do you know is out here pressed for marriage? I’ll wait. Getting married is ¬†something they do when everything else is done or it just seems like the right thing to do.

If they want to buy a house on their own. They will. If they want to go for a job opportunity that’s extremely beneficial for them…THEY WILL..and you either coming with them or you’re not.

So why as women do we feel like we need to reserve certain things for having a partner? You better go live your best life! Whomever is meant to be there will catch up with you later.

As for a certain ages, if you’re 22 and running a business…who gone check you boo? AGE REALLY DOESN’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH MATURITY. If you have the knowledge and resources to be your own boss…DO THAT! With so many things at our fingertips, there really is no limit (especially not age) that should determine when you should start striving for something.

That’s all I got. What is something that society tries to impress upon the masses that you just CANNOT get with? Thanks for reading.





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