Cheating, Dating & Casual Sex

Everybody sees all the memes down their timeline always talking about how nobody is going to play them, how they cut people off with no warning, and how anybody is disposable.

I think these attitudes are results of deeply rooted pain because 9/10 these statements are  being made by somebody who got played, somebody who cut them off cold turkey, and somebody who replaced them like they didn’t even exist.

I feel people put up these walls at defense mechanisms leading to casual sex because nobody wants to put their effort/time in and get hurt, cheating because they’re selfish but they don’t want to leave and have to feel that hurt, and just all types of dumb excuses as to why they don’t do things to please their significant other.

People just sum it up to “It’s 2017” and everybody being out for themselves. I think this leads to a lot of baby mama/baby daddy situations where people are comfortable enough to have sex with each other but when those 2 pink lines on that stick show up, there’s no wedding ring in sight.

Instead of people communicating with their significant other and telling them what they aren’t getting from the relationship they look to other people for emotional ease.

Men cheat expecting women to forgive. Women giving up something so personal to somebody that doesn’t even know their birthday because they crave the intimacy but are afraid of the hurt that comes with being vulnerable.

All of these behaviors have become common enough for people to actually use them as excuses and the worst thing is people accept them.

What are some common behaviors blamed on society that you’ve noticed? Thanks for reading!




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