The risk factor is forever something that is hit or miss. If you’re like me, I ALWAYS have to take the risk because it would kill me to know that I didn’t and then be unsure about what could’ve taken place if I did.

My very first risk was joining the military. I was literally a senior in high school with no real plan afterward. Although I did well in school, I had no real motivation to go and do MORE school afterward. I weighed my options…my only REAL options being:

  1. Stay in my city and work a regular job until I got up enough dedication to do this whole school thing
  2. Leave my city and figure out the rest along the way

It may seem like the option is easy but when you’re 17 and all you want to do is get paid to sleep, things don’t come that easy.

One weekend, I decided to hit up a recruiter and honestly, before I knew it I was graduating high school and a couple months after that I was getting on my first plane ride ever to Texas for BMT. My first year or so was very go with the flow because I was making my own money and I had gotten the opportunity to go live in Germany.

As time went on and I realized that the little trip I took to the recruiter turned into all of this, I decided I would actually make something out of the situation and I started taking classes sporadically.

Fast forward to now, I’m 24, i’ve been in 6 years. I’m done with my Associates degree and gearing up to do SO much more as we speak. I was able to buy my own first car at 18. I have traveled places that some people don’t visit in a lifetime, and I’m buying my first house this coming year. I am completely self sufficient and my vision for life itself is infinite. All because I took the risk of the unknown and just made the best out of it.

What is something that you’ve done that you may have been uncertain about but ended up being totally worth it? Thanks for reading.





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