Although I absolutely love what social media has done for networking and progression as a whole, I think there’s something to be said for the old school way of interaction.

With today being so socially and electronically driven, you’re still so plugged in even when you’re not around anybody. I think this leads to a need for interaction without real effort.

Even as I’m typing this piece, it doesn’t compare to us having this conversation face to face and being able to see the body language and tone inflections that would go into a physical discussion.

Nobody HAS to pick up the phone or go visit their friends to see how they’re doing. No man HAS to approach a woman face to face. Nobody HAS to go to the bookstore to get a book. I know that sounds nerdy but I throughly enjoy a good Books-A-Million stroll.

I just think the level of interaction displayed today doesn’t require much effort and as they say, a little effort goes a long way.

What is something you think modern society could use from previous times? Thanks for reading!





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