One lesson I had to learn this year was to look out for #1. I used to always trust that people would be decent and when they weren’t I would be confused. I’d constantly ask myself “why would they do this to me?” I’ve been so good to them, I haven’t mistreated them. “I don’t understand”

What I had to understand is that you have to pay attention to people’s actions and see what role they’re trying to play in your life, if they’re even trying to play one at all.

If you see somebody not investing in you as much as you invest in them, stop investing. You can’t blindly continue to pour into something stagnant and then be mad when you don’t get the results you were looking for because if it’s a person, they’re going to say “Nobody told you to invest in me” and if it’s something in life it’s going to say “I never produced anything for you to tirelessly pour into me. Invest responsibly.

This isn’t to say that sometimes you need to take a different approach because sometimes it is very possible for your approach to be wrong but if you’ve given legitimate effort and still nothing then move forward.

I’ve realized at the end of the day, nobody really cares about how you’re hurting more than you. Maybe it’s selfish but your emergencies aren’t anybody else’s and nobody is really going to be trying to feel your pain if they don’t have to. People barely want to feel their own pain.

This just helped me make up my mind that I would make a conscience effort to look out for Lo. I stopped checking for people that weren’t checking for me and even closed the door on people who were checking for me but didn’t bring anything positive to the table. I became more self sufficient in dealing with internal issues instead of always looking for a friend to vent to and while this process is a bit more difficult, it gives you the strength you need to power through just about anything.

So that’s my lesson! What’s yours? Thanks for reading!




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