Keep Living.

I’ve been told so many phrases and seen so many quotes that have stuck with me. Each for different reasons in life obviously. Whether i’m feeling lonely, afraid, insecure, inferior…there’s always been a phrase that I could recall that would help me cope with these feelings.

The one saying that has always stuck with me is something my mom always says if i’m being judgmental or not being able to understand something and that is two simple words “Keep Living”

It’s so simple but as life moves on you get to be the villain and the hero, the giver and the receiver, the lover and the fighter. This has always helped me to look at a situation and not only see both sides but see how easily it could be me in that situation. This has brought a sense of humility in my life and whenever I start thinking negatively about a person or especially my favorite phrase “I’d never do that or be in that situation,” I take a step back, understand how somebody could be in that position, and if I can..offer some assistance.

So what’s a quote or phrase that has always stuck by you throughout life? Thanks for reading!




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