Ok so now that we’ve made it to our Thanksgiving destination or at least one of them, we need to go over the dont’s of the nights festivities. I’m just going to list 5 but please feel free to chime in.


Come up in here with not a single canned food. This is a definite way to get talked about and honestly to be kicked out. Ultimate disrespect.


Show up late AND empty handed. Like..come on. Who raised you? I know you gonna be sitting around for a while waiting for everything to be ready but enjoy the company. If you absolutely HAVE to show up late…please bring something..preferably alcohol because…tradition.


plan on watching anything other than whatever football game is on TV. Men typically control the TV so just accept it for what it is and go find a corner to nap in until you’re ready for seconds or dessert.


Fix a to go plate and head on out until you’ve spent a sufficient amount of time at your current destination. If you think you’re gonna be able to sneak out without somebody hitting you with the “So you just gonna eat and leave huh” then you’re sadly mistaken.

and last but not least. DON’T

take forever to bless the food. I know this is usually an elderly person (bless their heart) but by the time the food is actually ready everybody is just trying to eat fam. If you hear people start to clear their throat, hit you with the heavy sigh, or those sporadic “amens” stop coming, WRAP IT UP!

So those are my five! What are some dont’s at your thanksgiving table? Thanks for reading! Have a great day!!




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