Meet the Fam.

Ok so when it comes to bringing people around the fam, you have to be qualified. I don’t know about your family but mine WILL talk about if you bring somebody that isn’t up to par.

I’m not necessarily saying it has to be a significant other, it could be a close friend, co-worker, whomever. Here are 3 qualifying factors somebody must meet in order to bring em to the family function.


In my opinion, if this person is doing well for themselves, then go ahead and bring em. You KNOW thanksgiving convo is the opportune time to throw shade so set yourself up for success and bring somebody who you’re proud to know.

Looks ARE everything

Listen. this one may sound shallow but again, don’t put yourself in a position to have to tell people all night that your company is just “going through it” right now. Bring somebody that takes pride in their appearance please.


If this person walks in the house and doesn’t speak, they need to walk out and you might as well follow behind them for the simple fact that you felt comfortable bringing them along. Proper Thanksgiving manners include but are NOT limited to:

  • Personally thanking whomever the host is for having you
  • Offering to help set the table/wash dishes/running any last minute errands
  • Attempting to be social ( I know you don’t know these people but if you don’t have the social skills as an adult to strike up a convo…what are you even doing in life)

So these are just a FEW qualifying factors to earn you admission into the Thanksgiving dinner but I’m sure some of you have your own requirements so let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!




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