It’s a Vibe.

Listen, If it was possible for me to skip Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas, I would. The food is basically the same. I do enjoy decorating for fall with all of the beautiful colors, candles, and blankets. It’s definitely a vibe but CHRISTMAS YALL! It’s just so magical to me so I can’t speak for everybody else, but decorating starts the day after Thanksgiving in my house.

Growing up, Christmas was a big deal in my house. We would have the whole yard and house decorated; the roof and anywhere you could put lights was fair game. Everything about this time of year brings me back to a happy childhood place and I just hope to embed that same energy in my son.

Anyway, so to answer the question, Christmas starts the day after Thanksgiving. I throw on some Frank Sinatra or Kenny G and just get to it. When does the Christmas spirit take over your home? Thanks for reading!




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