Make the Cut.

When it comes down to Christmas, it really takes some deciding on who deserves these gifts. I have a small immediate family so everything is pretty simple for me. However, for  people with big social circles or families, it can take a bit more.

For me, I buy gifts for my son, my brother, and my mom. If somebody has been especially important in my life that year, I’ll also set aside money for a gift for them.  If i have money left in the budget then I’ll typically buy something for myself. However, I believe in accomplishments being the best gift so I always set a goal around Christmas time and my sense of accomplishment is the gift for me.

I do a dollar and gift amount limit for those that I do buy gifts for and then I also utilize Black Friday to catch a sale for whatever it is i’m trying to get. What’s the determining factor for who makes the cut on your Christmas list? Thanks for reading!



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Welcome to Lo Key. This is a platform where I want to speak on relatable topics and share steps on how to approach them in the most realistic way possible. As I've been through tough times in my life, there was always somebody out there on the internet that could relate and made me feel 1000x's better when nobody else was around. That is what I want to do here. Whether it's the comfort of knowing somebody else has been through this or maybe you're not sure what the best route to take is, I want to reassure you that you aren't alone in this life. I do not have everything all figured out but I will share what works and has worked for me and maybe it can work for you too. I'm Lo and these are my keys.

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