Make the Cut.

When it comes down to Christmas, it really takes some deciding on who deserves these gifts. I have a small immediate family so everything is pretty simple for me. However, for  people with big social circles or families, it can take a bit more.

For me, I buy gifts for my son, my brother, and my mom. If somebody has been especially important in my life that year, I’ll also set aside money for a gift for them.  If i have money left in the budget then I’ll typically buy something for myself. However, I believe in accomplishments being the best gift so I always set a goal around Christmas time and my sense of accomplishment is the gift for me.

I do a dollar and gift amount limit for those that I do buy gifts for and then I also utilize Black Friday to catch a sale for whatever it is i’m trying to get. What’s the determining factor for who makes the cut on your Christmas list? Thanks for reading!




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