Ok guys so it is time to kick off 12 Days of Blogmas! We’re going to get started with Christmas tips and destinations since the time to book your flight would’ve been last month. If you’re ballin like that though, there’s still time! I’ll also be sharing some ways to save and get discounts on your travel so let’s just get into it!


We’re gonna start with the money since obviously there’s no trip without it. I will say prices tend to be much cheaper when you book for the winter in warmer places. Also if you fly during the beginning of the week, tickets come out cheaper as well. So when looking for destinations consider package deals, all inclusive hotels, and anything that can keep your costs to a minimum.



DO NOT SLEEP ON GROUPON!! I have no pride whatsoever when it comes to saving money and Groupon is the plug you need. I’ve linked an upcoming Groupon Dominican Republic Groupon  so you can really see what the good Lord is trying to put into your life here. Make sure you read the fine print on all offers so you won’t have any surprises upon arrival.

You can also sign yourself up to different websites e-mail lists. Discounts are ALWAYS flooding my inbox from different booking sites and hotels. Take advantage!


flight alert
So just off the top of my head, some really good booking sites are Cheaptickets, Skyscanner, and most recently I’ve been put on to Google Flights (good look Mel). If you’re like me, I’m all about SkyMiles so I tend to book with Delta and get a little upgrade or free snack where I can. However, if you don’t discriminate and you just want the best price, give these other sites a try. PLEASE make sure you turn on your flight alerts so you can be notified when prices drop on the trip you’re looking at. $50 difference doesn’t seem like much until you could’ve clearly used that money to support your food habit.




IG Discovery .png
For starters, when it’s time to start packing I go on Instagram and type whatever location i’m going to in the discover search bar, look at most recent posts, and check out the people’s clothing so I can get the most accurate representation of what the weather is like there. Yes i know there’s weather apps but ya girl has been steered wrong enough times so this is my go to method now. You can also see what places and activities are popular to give you a better idea of what kind of hoodrat things you can get into with your friends.

Pack light

I definitely think one decent sized suitcase and an oversized purse is more than enough for a Christmas trip. You don’t wanna be that person struggling through the airport. Keep it simple. PLEASE keep all electronics and valuables in your carry-on because we really don’t need airport staff coming up off your belongings.



The rest of the items in your suitcase will thank you.


LET YOUR BANK KNOW IF YOU’RE LEAVING THE COUNTRY!! I swear to you there’s nothing worse than attempting to ball out of control and the cashier telling you your card is declining and you KNOW how disrespectful they can get with it. Now you GOTTA make a scene so everybody knows you aren’t broke..even if you know you have money..the scene must be caused because nobody is gonna believe you if you just step out of line. CAUSE THE SCENE!

kevin hart



Last but not least, here are some pretty clutch destinations for a Christmas Vacay.

Thailand (USD is A1 here)
Dominican Republic
Practically any island

I hope some of these tips and hacks were able to help you! If you have any tips of your own, please feel free to share! Thanks for reading! HAPPY HOLIDAYS




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