Christmas Picture Ideas

If you’re more of the traditional Christmas person then the usual family holiday photo shoot might be up your alley. However, there are many different holidayers celebrating so I just wanted to drop a few ideas in your head for dope Christmas picture ideas.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by Portrait Innovations or any other photography studio and paid at least $300 on photos?

mean girls

My first bit of advice is to actually get your own camera. I suggest Nikon or Canon for beginners because they produce effortlessly good photos and you can save so much money in the long run. I have a Nikon d3400 and I absolutely LOVE it.

You’d be surprised at the dope content you can create with a camera, tripod, a DIY setup/backdrop, and a macbook or some sort of editing software. If you’re old school and want to mail out photos then I suggest investing in a good printer as well but there’s so many awesome digital edits/filters that will suffice since we’re keeping things somewhat cost effective.

We’ll start with the traditional Holidayer and work our way around.

For the Holidayer that’s expecting or has a new baby here are a couple of ideas that I thought were cute.

Special deliveryIMG_1321

This is the trusty ole baby in the box bit. Find a really nice gift box thats big enough to hold your baby (make sure to stuff the box with support cushions if your little one can’t sit up by themselves). This one is very simple and depending on how interactive your baby is, this might be all you need. Here is a picture of one I had done with my son to give you guys a visual.


It’s Lit

This is another simple photo opp that’s cost effective. All you need for this one is a string of lights. You can choose whichever background you want and just gently wrap a string of lights around your little one. Maybe even throw a santa hat or reindeer headpiece in there to really get the holiday vibes going.  These can make for very cute christmas cards or even “Baby’s First Christmas” photos.



Depending on how far along you are will determine how much you can get away with on this one. The further along, the more you can hype up the baby bump. However, if you are new to the exciting news, nothing says Merry Christmas like a pair of infant shoes and whatever clever sign you want to put beside it.


With love, from _____

This is for the Holidayer that wants to travel instead of staying home. The concept is the same as a post card but better. All you need for this one is a selfie stick or whatever item you want to reflect your travels. With so much editing capability you can easily make a geofilter on snapchat and call it a day.



friends christmas

Then there’s the Holidayers that have no significant other or kids. That doesn’t mean they can’t have the same amount of fun. They probably have the most fun and don’t even wake up until noon on Christmas Day which is an actual goal for me. Cheers to them!


So there’s a couple of Christmas picture ideas. Some may be generic but I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel here. What kind of holidayer are you? Feel free to share some pictures and any unique ideas that you may have! Thanks for reading!!




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