HEY GUYS! So recently I visited Cape Town, South Africa and y’all….there just aren’t enough words. It’s absolutely breathtaking. I’ve since received a lot of questions about the trip and the destination itself so I figured I would bring you all a blog and answer some of your questions.


So I’m going to start of with some must see spots. Honestly anywhere you are, there’s going to be an amazing view but these are places where you can get ALL the photo opps.

Table Mountain –


This venue is called Table Mountain because there is a cloud that will literally cover the ENTIRE top of the mountain like a tablecloth. There’s a cable car that will take you all the way to the top and you should be able to see some amazing views from up top. We weren’t able to do the cable car because of the wind but we did drive up as far as we could and it was still breathtaking.

Robben Island-

This is where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. Here you’re able to see his cell as well as speak to some of the prisoners that were held there with him. Again, we couldn’t do this because obviously you have to take a boat out to the island and the winds were really high.

Signal Hill-

This was one of our very first stops. From here you can look out on the city below and see the arena where they held the World Cup as well as other dope views.


DSC_0348 (1)

If you’re a wino like yours truly, this is your stop! We went to a winery called Groot Constantia which is one of the oldest wineries there. You get a complimentary wine glass and crackers and then you get 5 tries for different types of wines. I was definitely feelin good when I left.

Cape Point-


This was an amazing stop. This is where Cape of Good Hope is located and the views are amazing! It is about a 45 minute hike down but there’s so many photo opps along the way. I will suggest that you eat before you do go here because the baboons out there are savages and they will pull up on your snacks. Also keep your windows up and your doors locked because they know how to open doors as well. Still worth it though.


V & A waterfront


This is the shopping/food/entertainment move. They got what you need. You can also exchange your currency here. It’s like any other mall, but better. They offer helicopter rides, sunset cruises, and there’s just endless gelato y’all. ENDLESS! 10 thumbs up for this spot.


As you guys know, exchange rates change daily but never too drastically. The currency in South Africa is called Rands and during my trip the average exchange rate was about 12-13 Rands per in other words..

im rich biatch

For those that hate the headache of converting, a good 200 USD will get you about 1,100 Rands. The currency also has this dope pic of Nelson Mandela on it. You will need your passport to exchange currency.




December is summer time there so it’s actually pretty warm. HOWEVER, THE WIND HERE IS NEXT LEVEL! like knock you off of your feet next level. Like I said, I wasn’t able to go to Robben Island or Table Mountain because of the wind so be sure to check the forecast before you go.

Tour Guide

I booked with the company Seascape Tours and Dot Cummins was my tour guide. They do hotel transfers, private touring, day tours, group tours, etc.

I was very lucky to have AMAZING tour guides. They stayed with us the entire day and were very friendly/informational. I honestly don’t think I would’ve even thought to see any of the places I did if we didn’t have them. They were very flexible with the changes we had to make due to the weather and accommodated us with something equally as nice. I have zero complaints about my experience with them. I highly recommend them if you guys do decide to come.

Here is their website and contact information if you would like to get a little more in depth.

Hotel – Inn on the Square

I am going to give this hotel 2 thumbs up because I was a bit nervous when I read reviews. People are so opinionated that I found myself being scared/nervous before I even got there but this hotel is awesome. Although I traveled with a group, I didn’t know them at all until we showed up to the airport so this was still very much a solo trip for me. I say that to say, the room was plenty of space for me. I’d recommend it for a couple as well but not so much for a girls trip or family trip. The wi-fi was great as well as the complimentary breakfast. The staff was super friendly and helpful. It is located literally in the middle of a market so there is a lot going on right outside of the hotel but I just embraced it as part of the trip. It didn’t keep me up at night. There’s also a few homeless people outside since it is in the heart of downtown but they aren’t aggressive at all. Don’t act like you don’t have homeless people downtown wherever you live! Just trying to remain as honest as possible.


Since Cape Town is such a tourist spot of course everybody speaks English. There were no language barriers.


With my hotel being downtown I don’t recommend traveling alone at night. I personally didn’t experience any pickpocketing but there have been rumors. Once again, I don’t want to put fear into your minds, just want to keep you aware. Other than that, I traveled solo during the day via Uber/walking and had zero issues. People were on Holiday just like me so you don’t look out of the ordinary if you’re not familiar with the area.


They do drive on the opposite side of the road here. Just something to keep in mind, should you decide to rent a car.


So down to the reality of it all. Prices. I booked with a morale organization at the base I’m deployed with so understand that I got all of this for a considerably good price. Traveling in Africa is expensive, I’m not gonna front. I paid $1600 for my trip but it included flight, hotel, and excursions. If you can find a Groupon or anything to cut your costs then definitely do so but this trip was worth every penny. Even with the food, you might pay 200 Rands for a meal in a nice restaurant by the beach which is about 15 USD and they serve in huge portions. Once you get there, you definitely get bang for your buck.

**Side Note for my investors or real estate people. Investing in a property here would definitely be worth it. Our tour guide said the bought her land back in 89 for about 27,000 Rands and now it’s worth 1.3 Million. Even if you want to get a flat and rent it out, it’s still a good money move for some residual income. Just figured I’d put that bug in your ear but check it out for yourself**

Alright guys, so I hope I answered all of your questions. It’s definitely something to put on your list and honestly I might go again just because I didn’t get to do Robben Island and Table Mountain. If there’s anything I didn’t cover, just drop a question in the comments below. Here’s a little video I put together of my entire trip so feel free to check it out. Thanks for reading! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!








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