Merry Christmas

How I feel coming up in here after I promised 12 Days of Blogmas but only did 3 days.


So basically I dropped the WHOLE ball on Blogmas. However, I tried to make it up by doing my Cape Town blog but if you weren’t feeling that, I have this Christmas Dinner catch all of host tips, games, recipes, and themes to make it up so let’s jump right into it.

Alright you guys so it’s Christmas Eve! YAAAAAYYY! Hopefully your night is filled with opening one gift to pre-game and just enjoying the ones you love. If you plan on hosting Christmas dinner at your humble abode I’m going to bring you a couple of game ideas and host gestures among other things that’s gonna turn things up a bit.

First things first, it’s all about the setup and the vibes so off rip I’m gonna put a playlist in your life that’s gonna have everybody feeling jolly asfff as soon as they step foot in your home. Turn your speaker/soundbar all the way up for this one. Cousin Mitri Christmas playlist . Honestly, if you’re not on cousin Mitri by now, you’re wrong and missing out.

If this isn’t your flow, you can always opt for a Kenny G Jazz, Otis Redding, or even a Frank Sinatra Christmas playlist.

So now that we got the vibes going there’s a couple more senses we need to appeal to upon your guests arrival. That’s the setup and the aroma of some bomb food or just some really nice candles hitting their nose.

If you made your dinner a themed situation i.e (ugly Christmas sweater, onesie, or whatever you decided on) you should greet your guests with that theme. Whether its something you’re wearing or if you have a designated background for photos, you want your guests to instantly get in the spirit.

Remember when I was all like “centerpieces are life” in my DIY blog? Well here is where it counts the most. I’m going to take a leap of faith and say that you wouldn’t have stepped up to the plate to host if you didn’t have a proper dining room table. Dining Room decor is of the utmost importance so here’s a couple ideas to help you put your best foot forward.


Moving along to the smell. If I walk in your house for Christmas dinner and no type of food scents hit my nose, I’m gonna ask you if you need me to come back later. This is not Thanksgiving. The most people should be waiting for food is 30 mins after arrival. If you do need a few more mins on the food, here are some good appetizers and drinks that you can have prepared to hold your guests over.

Your day should have a flow that allows people to mingle and really enjoy themselves so it’s up to you whether you want a showtime that allows the games before the food is ready or not. If you have a dish that’s running behind on time, here are a couple of games that will occupy your guests while you finish up in the kitchen. I’m all about a minute to win it situation. It easy, straight to the point, and it gets people involved. If you’re not here for it, you can always do a taboo or cards against humanity bit. I even found a couple way more poppin card games with the same concept. Here’s a link to 25 Christmas party game ideas Christmas Games as well as the website to purchase the card games For the Culture

To be honest, that’s all you really need to make your dinner a success, assuming you invited the right crowd. Always make sure the wine and alcohol is plentiful and have enough space to offer their heads to lay because…ya first and what not. I hope I was able to help out a little bit, i’ll definitely be going IN next year so stay tuned. Thanks for reading!!




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