Reflections and Projections

Alright so y’all already know what time it is. We’re in the final days of 2017 so it’s time to reflect and project.


Let’s talk about what went well and what we could stand to make some changes on. I’ll do 4 reflections and 4 projections…ya know…because 2018. Here’s a couple of questions to ask yourself and I’ll do my own responses so we can be in this thang together.

What was your biggest accomplishment of 2017?

My biggest accomplishment was a different state of mind in just about every aspect of my life. I was able to develop a very action driven/no bs thought process and I found it to benefit me. Exhibit A being this blog. I thought about it, did some research, and voila! Here we are.

 What was your most valuable lesson learned?

I’d have to say watering my own grass and to love yours. It’s so easy to see somebody else popping and wish that was you. Here’s the thing, you never know what a person had to go through to get where they are or if they’re even happy where they are. When you start minding your own, the fruits of your labor will be just as lit.


3. What is something/someone that significantly impacted the course of your year?

My deployment really shifted things for me. While I was isolated and away from my family/friends, it gave me SO much time with myself. I was able to ask myself a lot of questions, do a lot of self reflection but I also made a lot of self progression. I stepped out of my comfort zone in many ways and revealed new layers of me to myself.


4.What was the toughest obstacle of your year?

Honestly, I only had one obstacle but it blew me away so hard that it might as well have been catastrophic. So you know how even though you’re not entertaining somebody, you KNOW that if you absolutely needed them, they’d come? Or even if you wanted to pursue something more, they’d be down? yea so I had a situation like that and it fell through, HARD! Blessing in disguise but I still felt a way.

It made me look at myself and question a lot of things and I spent quite a while being pretty isolated. All of my other little joints fell off because you know they all gotta act up at the same time. It was a pretty lonely bit BUT in the time I spent alone, I was able to face myself and deal with the characteristics that made me the way I was and now I’m poppin all over again.


Ok let’s switch gears and start looking forward. Whatever didn’t happen for you this year, we got the power to bring it to life next year. So let’s get into some things that you wish to see for yourself in 2018.


What is a lifestyle change that you wish to see or at least get started on in 2018?

Ok so boom, I have a couple. One thing is my health. I know, typical. One thing I’ve been considering is transitioning to a pescatarian lifestyle. This is gonna sound real shallow but if I ever allowed myself to become obese, I would just die. I pride myself on my image so I’m down for whatever to keep myself looking like a snack in these streets.

The second thing I’m working on is finally moving past a LOT of internal grief and cleaning up my mental space/energy . With this, I know I’ll have to relive a lot of painful memories and face a lot of buried emotions which is something i’m not a fan of but I really want to be the best version of myself by any means necessary.growth

2. What are some good habits you want to put in the mix?

I want to start being more protective of my time and effort. I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time on pointless and meaningless things but I suppose that’s because I really didn’t have too much of my own stuff going on. Now that I have a direction for literally every aspect of my life, it makes it a little harder to spend time doing things or entertaining people that don’t have my best interest at heart.



3. What is a project, business, idea, etc that you can put into the world?

Obviously I have this blog but I don’t want it to stay at its current level. I have a huge vision for my blog and other projects. I try not to overextend myself and focus on one thing at a time so I can present quality and not quantity. Honestly, pacing yourself is key to anything you’re putting your name behind because as many times as you deliver successes, all you need is the wrong failure to completely flop your brand.

4. What is something you can do that you’ll appreciate in the years to come?

I’m not gonna lie. I have the next 4 years of my life planned out. I have backup plans for my backup plans so failure is not even an option to me. The only downside to this is that it makes your present seem kind of blah because you already know what you’re working towards and you’re ready to just be there. I’m making the most of my days though. I have my plan broken down step by step and I’m just scratching it off as I accomplish my goals.

Ok you guys so that’s all I have. I hope you were able to reflect with me and get your minds right for this awesome New Year. Sending you all of the good vibes and love your way. See you next year!






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