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Hey you guys! I was going to hold off on all things parenting because I wanted to do a whole segment like #thelodown and #ayolo but I figured now would be as good a time as any to talk about it so lets get it.

This post is specific to setting your kids up for success and providing the proper knowledge that honestly, most schools don’t.

I remember the first time I really learned about investing was my sophomore year in high school from my social studies teacher. This was the first time it was explained to me in a way that wasn’t so intimidating and I think that’s a main reason that most people don’t like to get involved.

While investing is a GREAT way to set your kids up for success, I want to explore other ways that may not be so complicated. Even if you’re not dealing specifically with trust funds, bonds, CDs, MMAs, mutual funds,etc you’re still investing by doing something that is going to provide you or your loved ones with future rewards so let’s get right to it.

*Disclaimer: this is not for the people who open up credit in their child’s name because yours isn’t up to par then end up ruining your child’s credit before they can even enter the real world*


Make your child/children an authorized user on your credit card.

So this is only assuming that you have great credit and you’re not in debt. Most recently I added my son who is 2 to my credit card as an authorized user. I keep a $0 balance on this card for the most part unless I get gas but I pay it off within the month.

The point of this is to help them establish credit. We all know there’s different components that make up a credit score and I feel the one that has always hindered my score is Age of Credit History. I got my first credit card when I was 17 so even though I have next to 0% utilization, 100% payment history, 0 hard inquiries or derogatory marks my score has never been as perfect as I want it to be.

If you’ve been through the struggle of trying to buy a car with no credit then I really don’t even have to go into detail on the importance of credit. I feel like as long as you’re 750 and up, you’re good to go.

 Buy property, pay it off, put it your child’s name

This is something I’ve been plotting on since my son was born and now i’m finally in the position to act on it. This year I will be buying my first home and it will be dedicated to my son. The goal is have it paid off by the time he’s 18 but I probably won’t give it to him until his early 20s. There’s a few reasons behind this decision:

I want my son to have options in this world. I had to start from scratch with everything i’ve acquired up until this point so if I can give him a proper foundation to continue raising the bar for generations to come, then I’m gonna do that.

I realize there’s more than one way to be successful. Yes, education is important but there’s also a variety of ways to be educated. If my son felt like he didn’t want to go to college immediately because he wanted to explore the world or just chose any non-traditional path, i want the world to be his oyster.

If he did decide to go to college, he already has a residence in state just in case he wanted to attend a university in our current state so we wouldn’t be looking at out of state prices. Even if he wanted to attend an out of state school, he could rent out his home, and use that money to pay for his own apartment and have residual income and board?

nobody got time

The biggest benefit is if your child has an entrepreneurial spirit and wants to start their own business. We all know it takes money to make money so even if he sold the house for $250k, that’s still a good foundation to start with.


I know people think offering your child the world on a platter will spoil them but I believe if you give them the knowledge behind it all, that’s the biggest gift you can give. Even if they lost it, they could make it right back because they understand the process behind it all. It’s all about opportunity people. You think these billionaire families made each generation start from scratch? No! So prepare your kids for this world so we can build for the future.

I hope I was able to shed some light on ways to set your children up for success. What are some ways that you guys are preparing for the future? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you for reading!




2 thoughts on “New Money

  1. Great information and we do need to set out kids up for success. Both of my kids have education accounts and I educate them on saving birthday money and more.


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