Benefits of the Late Bloomer.

I think everybody goes through a phase where at some point you’re surpassing or being surpassed. It’s then that you realize everybody moves in their own time and your path is just that..YOURS. I have found in most cases that I’m a late bloomer. This used to frustrate me because people would just blow by me and no matter how hard I would try to get on the fast track it never worked out.


When I started to see this pattern with myself, it became easier to accept the journey for what it was. There were even a few times where I was able to get a glimpse of the fast life but quickly learned I wasn’t happy there or I just wasn’t able to maintain at that speed. While it can feel like you’re being left behind there ARE some benefits to being a late bloomer.

Free Game

This is what I consider learning lessons without having to pay the price. Whether its a business or a certain lifestyle, you can always stand to listen to the words of wisdom from those that came before you. I promise it will save you time, money, and plenty of disappointment/failure.

 Not immediately, but indefinitely

There’s something about taking your time to come up that makes the quality of your glow blinding. Sometimes life is happening so fast for people that there’s a lot of trial and error going on. This isn’t to say that living and learning is a bad thing but if you get the chance to take your time in evolving, do that and make it count. A million people can be before you but if you take note of things that don’t work, it can solidify your moves even more.

 Fine like wine

We all know that person that got all the attention in high school or college but now they can’t survive on their good looks and charm. Taking a little more time to catch your flow can be a great thing. While some people have burned out, you’re just getting started and looking good while doing it. It can take the better part of your 20s to even realize why you’re on this planet so don’t sweat it if you find people moving a little faster than you. Once you catch that glow up, it’s over for any type of doubts or insecurities you may have had.

 Glow up in Bloom

glow up

If you don’t know what a glow up is by now, we have bigger problems. Anyway, when your glow up is finally in bloom, you will have a greater appreciation for your delay. All the things that seemed to OVERLOOK you will come looking FOR you. Hopefully you will be ready for all the opportunities presented and life will become a thing of consecutive wins. That doesn’t mean you might not experiences any losses but they won’t be anything compared to your successes!

Look at me now

This isn’t a benefit but the petty in me wouldn’t let me post this without this last little bit. The BEST part of the glow up when you’ve been a late bloomer is shining on ALL the people that passed up on you, treated you like you were insignificant, and especially those who SPOKE negatively about you. It just really warms my soul because even if they WANT to be a hater, they can’t..there’s nothing bad to say so guess what..



So these are benefits that I’ve found in my late bloom. It has been a struggle but ultimately it’s beautiful. What is a benefit you’ve experienced in blooming at your own pace? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!




2 thoughts on “Benefits of the Late Bloomer.

  1. I could definitely relate to this cause in high school and beginning of career in military I definitely was behind and shell of person I am now. Constantly seeking others stamp approval n watching others do great things and I wonder if I could even compare to them. Sure I got embarrassed and had ton of moments I thought for sure it really sucks being me at times. Everything I went through really humble me and motivated me to not To be embarrassed but own the fact I’m different so what but it also help build thick skin to block out doubters and succeed limitations ppl put on me. I’m good place now but I’m motivated to do great things in life!


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