Single life.

Hey guys! Today I just want to talk about the single life. Some people dread it, some people embrace it, but at some point being single is inevitable so let’s talk about it.

For me personally, I didn’t even have my first real boyfriend/gilfriend dynamic until my senior year of high school. Prior to that I was “the homie”. You could say I was friend zoned but my pride won’t let me remember it that way.


Anyway, so when I finally found somebody that thought I was more than “cool” you couldn’t tell me anything, it was all bae EVERYTHING! Look what bae sent me. Look at how bae breathes. you know..the usual. lol. I could finally participate in PDA and wear his hoodies. Bae was life.

Obviously after senior year comes college or whatever path you choose to take and mine just so happened to be the military, which ended up relocating me to Germany. Bae was no longer life.


Somehow I landed myself in a relationship that took up the latter part of my teens as well as most of my early twenties. There were some ups and an excessive amount of downs but by the time I looked up and found myself single again, I was 23. It was then that I realized I’d always had SOMEBODY. somebody to consider. somebody to support my food habit. somebody to put my cold feet on and now I had NOBODY.

I had to do some real soul searching to find my identity again and some things I threw into the mix along the way but ultimately, I have fallen head over heels for myself and I actually prefer to be by myself now. Here are some things to appreciate in your singleness.

Sleeping Alone

sleep alone

The only thing better than sleeping with your NOT sleeping with anybody at all. Sure, cuddling and morning sex is great but not dealing with morning breath and not fighting over the covers is even better.

Not sharing food

sharing food

If I had to make a list of things I hate, sharing my food would be up there next to people that sneeze while in close proximity and don’t cover their mouth. Even my son gets the stare of death when he asks for my food. GET YOUR OWN!



Leaving messages on read

read receipts

Leaving somebody on read is the ultimate idgaf. It’s disrespectful, heartbreaking, and it gets the job done. I personally don’t do the read receipt bit because my heart isn’t made of ice but I’ve been left on read more times than enough and I had to go stand in the mirror to reevaluate life. However, in your singleness you don’t have to be bothered if you don’t feel like it. Try leaving your bf/gf on read in a relationship and let me know how that goes for you.

Here are some things that I began to appreciate about myself in my singleness.

I’m hilarious

laughYa’ll, I’m real deal hilarious. The things I laugh about to myself make me wonder why I don’t pursue stand up comedy or some type of improv situation. I’ve gotten my jokes up significantly and now all I do is laugh. There’s no way you can sit around me for any significant amount of time and not laugh.

I exude good vibes

khartKnowing dope people is the next best thing to being a dope person and that’s what I aim to be. I want people to enjoy being around me and be happy to say they know me. A person with good vibes is next to godliness and makes the most mundane things in life exciting.





I’m self sufficient and fearless


The thing about being alone is that you get to see what you’re truly made of in every aspect. I’ve found myself on many solo adventures or some days I wake up and decide I want to do something out of the norm. It’s a good feeling to be able to decide on something and not need anybody’s help or input.

So those are my awesome single life discoveries and favorites. What are some things you guys have learned to love in your singleness? Thanks for reading!






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