January Check-in.

Heyyy guys! As January is coming to a close, I want to check in with everybody and see how your year is starting off. Did you take a step towards the goals you have set for this year? Are you seeing results from any fitness goals you set yet?

Usually I make 2 goals a month and I plan something fun to break up the monotony of adulting. One goal is personal and the other is professional to make sure I’m pushing myself from all aspects. Here’s my progress so far.


Overall goal: Complete 7 classes, Take ACT, Apply to Howard University, plus some other secret squirrel stuff that I can’t wait to share with you guys once things get more solidified.

These things may seem personal but they’re going to push my career to where I would like it to go.

January Goal: I am currently taking a math class online…obviously 1 of 7. This may seem minor but I real life suck at math and this is a class that I’ve failed before. Anyway, things are going well so far and midterms are this week so wish me luck.

fingers crossed


Overall goal: Finally buy a car I want, buy my first house, start my vlog, and above all else continue to look like a snack.

January Goal: So remember the whole car thing? Wellllll…say hello to my baby Onyx. She enjoys long drives to the car wash and looking bougie in the back of parking lots because she’s too good to park up close next to the commoners….as you can see, the looking like a snack part is in effect.


Alright so that’s my progress check. Let me know how things are going for you. If you’re having a rough start, take a second to regroup and focus. Every day is a new beginning! I believe in you! Thanks for reading!




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