Black Excellence

Hey guys! So I know I’m super late to the party BUUUUT in light of Black History Month I will be highlighting black excellence that really pushes the culture forward.

This week I’m going to highlight none other than our favorite cousin Angela Rye. I started following her about a year ago and have honestly found myself looking to her for information in the political world and the black community in general.

From here on out I’m going to call her Ang because at this point I really feel like she might be my big cousin and I’m not going to let anybody take that away from me. First cousins too..not the distant ones that barely count. Ang is a certified sohpistiratchet and that is the main reason why I hold her in such high regard. There’s nothing better than a black woman who knows her stuff and can read you to absolute filth if she has to without so much as losing a lash. Sis STAYS with the facts and that is why she has and always will remain unbothered.

So now that I’ve expressed my undying love for her lets get into who Ang is, what she does for the culture, and how you can keep up with her black excellence.

Ang is a political analyst on CNN as well the CEO of Impact strategies which is a company that focuses on delivering political common sense solutions. My favorite place to catch Ang is on the Breakfast Club. She basically breaks down everything that’s going on in the political world and lets us know what we as “the people” should be concerning ourselves with.


Here’s a couple of links of her interviews on the Breakfast Club.

A Rye Breakfast Club Interview

Angela Rye

She also has a podcast called “On 1 with A Rye” which will help you get your WHOLE life. I know sometimes politics can be a bit dry and tense so on this platform she just brings in other people that push different aspects of the culture. If you’re not a politics fan then you’ll probably enjoy this one. You can check this one out on soundcloud or on the regular podcast app.


You can also check out her website A Rye which has A M A Z I N G merchandise and more background on who Ang is. I feel that with a world full of problems, I always welcome people who are about solutions. With everything that people before us were able to accomplish there’s NO excuse for mediocrity given all the resources we have at our fingertips. In my opinion, Ang puts herself out there to not only represent us and make sure our voices are heard but to do so in a way that makes people see black women in a different light. How can you not root for somebody like that?

So that’s my black excellence highlight for this week. Please check out the links I provided to see more about what Ang is about and maybe even see if there’s a way you can make a difference as well. Thanks for reading!




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