Stay Down for the Come Up

I believe in a work hard play hard lifestyle. I believe in rewarding yourself for accomplishments whether they’re minor or life changing. The biggest part here is the work hard piece. Everybody loves to use social media as a way to measure their success but 90% of those people aren’t showing the “work hard” piece. Of course everything is going to look like a party when people are celebrating their wins and I’m sure its well deserved, but what are you going to celebrate if there’s no real work going on?

Let’s talk about a few ways to stay focused and make sure we’re making the most out of our 24 hours. The first one is going to be to:

Make a plan


Literally write it out step by step. Think about everything you need to do in between those steps. Consider multiple backup plans so you don’t get discouraged should one of your paths get blocked.




Being a person of action is the biggest piece of this puzzle. You can write everything down until you run out of pages but if you don’t make a consistent effort then all you have are dreams. Once you see your hard work come to fruition, it’ll make you even more hungry for progress and success. Set a deadline. Sign up for that test. Enter that competition.

Stick to the plan

I only say this because most things accomplished in life take time and over the duration of the process, you’re going to come across distractions or setbacks. This part is crucial because this is when most people give up and decide its easier to chill where they’re comfortable and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Stay encouraged.

Pack for the weather


Like i said, distractions and setbacks are a part of life. While they suck in the moment, usually good lessons come from them so be prepared for whatever storm you may have to weather on your journey. Maybe you’ll have to downsize your life, maybe you’ll have to pick up an extra job but whatever it is make sure you humble yourself and make the necessary sacrifices for the come up.

Mind yours


This has been something that has made all the difference for me. It’s so easy to look at somebody else and compare but honey..DON’T! Not all competition is healthy and when it comes to your specific journey, there’s nobody else out there that you can compare to. Even if they’ve been through certain circumstances, people handle things differently so your BEST bet is to just mind your own business. Maybe that involves doing a social media detox for a while or literally just spending time with yourself to balance out your energy to gain focus. Whatever it is, make sure that it concerns you and nobody else.


Every now and then, just check in with yourself. Make sure you’re still on a path that you are passionate about. Make sure your progress is on track and even if you’ve had to make detours that you’re giving yourself a timeline to get back in the game. Don’t be afraid to take a break or even reward yourself. Whatever it takes to keep you moving along your journey.

Alright guys so that’s all I have on staying down for the come up. It doesn’t matter if its a month or a year, just make sure you’re out here putting in work so when its time to celebrate you can join in on the champagne and hit your victory dance.


Thanks for reading!




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