In the meantime

Hey guys! Sometimes I find myself with a significant amount of downtime and if you’re anything like me, an idle mind is your worst enemy. I try to keep my mind busy with things that are insightful or at least entertaining.

One thing I’ve definitely picked up is listening to Podcasts. I remember when radio talk shows were something my mom listened to on the way to work in the morning. In my eyes it was an “old person thing” Now I find myself being that old person and thoroughly enjoying it. If we’re being honest, I didn’t even click on the podcast app on my phone until about a year ago but now it’s basically the only app that stays open on my phone.

Here are a few dope podcasts that I listen to that help pass time by while simultaneously engaging my mind and entertaining me.

My ALL TIME FAVORITE right now is:

the read
The Hosts are Kid Fury and Crissle. These 2 have larger than life personalities that mesh so well and make listening to them an addicting experience. They are fellow Beyonce stans but they also speak about current events and pop culture which always manages to give me the laugh of the day. If you’re looking for a breath of fresh air to break up the monotony of the day or to help you forget about a shitty day then this is your podcast.

Next up is:

Small Doses.

The host for this one is Amanda Seales. 2 words. KNOW HER! She’s something like a renaissance woman. You may know her most recently as Tiffany DuBoise in the HBO show Insecure but I remember her as Amanda Diva. Anybody that rocks with her remembers those days. Anyway, her podcast is more of a gem dropping situation and she speaks SO many facts that you’re just continuously getting your life the whole time. Her topics are always relevant to current events or just real life experiences that people don’t necessarily know how to articulate and work through. Super dope. Super thought provoking.

Brilliant Idiots.

This one is a more popular podcast hosted by our very own Uncle Charla (Charlamagne tha God from The Breakfast Club) and Andrew Shulz (uncommon sense). These two give me behind closed doors vibes. As if you’re just sitting around with your guy friends saying whatever comes to mind and not considering anybodys feelings. Like how we know white people say the n word behind closed doors. If you want some uncensored fun, brilliant idiots is for youbrilliant idiots

So those are my top 3 podcasts outside of the obvious Breakfast Club. Next is the book I’m reading this month. I used to make it a point to read but now it’s more of something that i just do in my spare time. Either way here is a good one for you.

What I’m Reading

mastery of love
The book of this month is The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz who is also the author of the 4 agreements. If you haven’t read the 4 agreements, you’re wrong. This book definitely requires open-mindedness and the ability to entertain ideas other than what you’ve known to be true. I would start with the 4 agreements just so you can understand his style of writing and then move on to the Mastery of Love.

So these are just a couple of ways I keep my mind occupied outside of scrolling through various timelines and sharing hilarious memes. Feel free to check them out and drop any dope podcasts or books. Thanks for reading!!




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