Age aint nothing but…experience

Have you ever seen somebody that’s very attractive and you spark up a convo like the smooth talker you are only to find out they’re 30 with no kids and has never been married??


Instead of appreciating this person for the unicorn they CLEARLY are you can’t tell me you don’t automatically think:





We have SO many questions right! Why is that? Why do we have preconceived ideas about what is supposed to happen by certain points in our lives?

We look at what’s considered “normal” and when we see something outside of that, it’s intriguing or maybe even off putting depending on what we’re experiencing.

With so many different walks of life, culture, and exposure it’s hard to say what’s really “normal” for a person to experience at a certain age.

We look at the average 18 year old and think “Ok this person is new to the world. They probably don’t have much money, they’re in college or working a minimum wage job.


For some people that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Lets say you met somebody that was 20 and they owned multiple properties, ran their own successful business, and had no debt? Whats the first thing you’re going to want to know…besides if they’ll hire you? You’re gonna wanna know how the hell they did it.

I’ll be the first to say that when I was 20, I was just trying to sober up enough to make it to work on time. See below for accurate representation of my life at 20.


So you can see why  somebody at that age having that level of stability would absolutely blow my mind.

Lets say you met somebody that was 35 who decided they were going to embark on a completely different career path where they had to start at the bottom. To some that may seem crazy because for most people, your 30s is when you’re supposed to be establishing stability and comfort for your life.

Pouring 10-15 years into something that you had no passion for might be the crazy part for others and the most sensible thing to do WOULD be to develop yourself and focus your efforts towards something that actually makes you happy. Isn’t that the ultimate goal after all?

Let’s carry this idea over into the realm of relationships since that’s where we usually see age playing a big part.

We see a lot of couples out here with significant age differences. Some more shocking than others for legality purposes but let’s put a few things into perspective.


It is known that women naturally mature faster than men so seeing a woman with an older man isn’t usually too shocking. Which then explains why men sometimes need somebody a little younger to really level the playing field a bit.

When we see those huge age gaps though, we can’t help but wonder what a 26 year old would have in common with a 40 year old. Even on a physical level, one person hasn’t even reached their prime while the other might be starting to reach the end of theirs…we’re only assuming though because you know the old heads be knowing what they’re doing.


Who’s to say what the 26 year old has or hasn’t experienced in their life. When it comes to relationships, I think we all just want somebody that can understand us.

It all comes down to exposure and experience. You just gotta meet people on your level.

If I met somebody who appealed to the things I consider important and treated me the way I want to be treated, you better believe I’m not turning that down due to age.

As for everything else in life, don’t let yourself be convinced that you can’t pursue something because you’re too young. Don’t be convinced that you can’t start over because you’re too old. Don’t miss out on love or anything that makes life worth living because you were too caught up on the way things are “supposed” to be.

Your life experiences will shape you for where you’re supposed to be.

What are your thoughts on defining maturity and phases of life by age? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!!




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