Subscriptions worth the hype

If you’re anything like me, I LOVE a good subscription. There’s just something about getting a little monthly gift to me from me. I’ve dialed back on my subscriptions some because they DO add up but I can shed a little light on the ones I found to be worth it.
First up is:


Calling all Naturalistas!! This was my very first subscription and honestly it helped me so much in trying to figure out what products worked on my hair in my big chop days. If you’ve been natural for any amount of time, you know those products aren’t cheap. One container of leave-in conditioner can easily run you $10 and you know you can’t JUST get the leave-in conditioner. You end up spending $40 JUST TO SEE how 1 line of hair products work with your hair. With Curlbox you spend $25/month to receive 2-4 FULL SIZE PRODUCTS plus a few samples on the side. You can’t beat that, so if you ARE natural or you’re looking to cross over, give Curlbox a try. It’s worth the hype!



Does Versace want to charge you $80 to make people lust after you when they catch your breeze? Scentbird can help you accomplish the same level of stranger danger for $15/month. You know how nostalgic scents can be so make it a good one. With Scentbird you can choose from a wide variety of parfums/ colognes and you will receive 8 mL of heavenly goodness delivered to your door each month. These are really convenient for air travel and have honestly lasted me anywhere from 6 months to a year. Just complete the little quiz that lets them know what you like and then just wait for your bottle in the mail.

amazon prime

Amazon Prime

Honestly, if you aren’t up on Amazon by now. i’m not sure how you’re getting by in life. I think we can all agree and say that same day/next day/2 day shipping is worth ALL THE HYPE!! Amazon has SO many services that it’s hard to believe its only $100/year but we don’t question them, we just let them work their magic and hand them our money. You want to catch up on your favorite tv series? AMAZON GOTCHUU! You need someone to come mount your tv? AMAZON GOTHUU. Grocery shopping? Guess what?…AMAZON GOTCHUUU! It’s like you can’t lose. Give them your money. You won’t regret it.

nature box

Nature Box

I consider myself a certified snacker and all the good snacks are always the worst for you. That’s where Nature Box comes into play. You can mix and match your selections and you even get a 14 day free trial to see what kind of snacks you’re feeling. You’ll start getting hella bomb and healthy snacks mailed to you so now you can eat ALL the snacks AND still look like one. Thank me later!

Let me know if you have any dope subscriptions that are worth the hype. Thanks for reading!